Publish your blogging content🍿 for a chance to win a $30 prize every month🥳 just for doing the work that will pay you in the long run 🎫 its a win-win scenario at the Content Creation Carnival!🎡

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Experience a complete shift in your content creation journey as we transform tedious and challenging tasks into enjoyable and rewarding experiences with prizes and traffic!

April 26 – April 28, 2024

    Have you encountered several setbacks and/or roadblocks that have kept you from moving the needle forward to that income-producing traffic?

    💢Do you find yourself wrestling with writer’s block?

    Do you you have time constraints and concerns?

    🟰Are you looking to improve your content quality, and SEO efforts?

    😵Is keeping consistent, and maintaining creativity burning you out?

    The blogging journey is often met with writer’s block, which can result in – inaction and loss of direction.

    Blogging can present the constant challenge of carving out time amidst all of life’s demands.

    We can needlessly spend hours working towards a cohesive high-quality output that our readers expect.

    Mastering SEO tactics, optimizing our blogs for visibility, and just staying consistent can be a challenge, leaving these pressures to produce to result in burnout.

    But does content creation have to be a drudgery? not at all.

    The days of struggling with content creation are over, together we will flow through the entire process of publishing content with ease.

    In this 3-day event, we will go through the process of publishing online successfully.

    Our goal will be to improve our content creation process, making the journey enjoyable, motivating each other through gamification, and creating new opportunities to advance in the online space.

    Not only will the friendly competitions, and monetized incentives help you produce content – but it will also result in your websites increased traffic and visibility.

    This is an opportunity, you will not want to miss. Everyone who participates will benefit from the event.

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      what’s Happening?

      In three days, we will go over the content creation process in an easily digestible and fun manner.

      We will also have three challenges that everyone can participate in for monetary $$$ prizes and exposure.

      3-Day Schedule

      Workshop Wonderland

      We will go over the the fundamentals of content creation, with hands on exercises, tips, and strategies. Using awesome premade templates we will complete an entire article together.

      Challenge Zone

      Our Content Creation challenge starts, where we will be able to share our work with the group, enter to win the prize, and also have our work shared across many profiles.

      content creation carnival figure that represents a fun and elegant character for a circus-themed event. The character should have a whimsical, sophisticated costume wi

      Celebration Carnival

      We will present our monetary awards to participants of the challenge, and also learn about the opportunity to continue producing content for rewarding experiences.

      Challenge Prizes

      content creation carnival winner award for best blog

      The Carnival Champion

      One winner will be randomly selected from the group of individuals that have completed and met all the criteria of the blogging challenge.

      $30 Prize 🃏

      content creation carnival cheerleader award

      The Carnival Cheerleader

      This award will be given to the individual that provides the most positive feedback in the facebook group, not limited to likes, shares and positive comments.

      $25 Prize 🤸🏼‍♀️

      content creation carnival courier award for sharing the most content and group

      The Carnival Courier

      The prize will be awarded to the person that shares the facebook group itself, and who also shares the completed articles of challenge participants. Whoever shares the most wins!

      $20 Prize 🍭

        Total Content Strategy Playbook

        20 DFY Blog Post Templates

        You’ll be given access to 20 DFY Blog Post Templates from our Total Content Strategy Playbook that contains 180 DFY Blog Post Templates.

        ccc workbook on how to blog publish online for income

        The Content Creation Workbook

        Everything you need to know about getting your content published, and generating cash-positive blog income.

        Blogging for Beginners content creation carnival

        Bonus Workshop recording

        A bonus deep-dive training on the streamlined content creation process bloggers use to get more traffic to their sites and assets.


        In order to create content, we will use 20 templates from our “Total Content Strategy” playbook, which are templates you can fill in manually or using AI.


        You’ll have the full scope of what you need to create to produce all the informational content on your site.


        Your 3-day workbook, covering all the concepts from learned from the workshop!


        Bonus concise training on how to continuously produce content for your site.


        Exclusive Invitation to join Content Creators Society and join our monthly challenges for cash prizes! It’s a WIN-WIN scenario!


        Join us in the “Inspired to Blog” Facebook group by entering below your information on this page.


        Turn on notifications for the Facebook group, you will also get a notice via email when the event is starting.


        Participate in the 3-day event to enter to win the cash prizes offered by!

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        Ready? Join the Carnival Today!

          Got questions? We got answers!

          Who is this event for?

          This event is for blogger, vloggers, and content creators that are interested in generating more traffic for their sites through the creation of written content. This event will be focused on creating written content that is designed to rank on search engines.

          What kind of experience is required?

          There is little to no experience required to participate in this event. Ideally, participants will need to publish their articles to some platform that can be read, like WordPress.

          How long will this event take?

          This event will start on Saturday, March 23 and end on Monday, March 25th. It is a full 3-day event, that will commence with on Day 1 with the “Workshop Wonderland“, followed by Day 2 “Challenge Zone“, and finished with Day 3 “Celebration Carnival.

          What if I can’t make the live event sessions?

          There will be replays available inside the Facebook group. Lessons will be removed from the group on April 1st. Alternatively, to participate in similar challenges – participants can wait for the next quarter for a new challenge, or they can join the Content Creators Society for the monthly challenges.