Fighting Fear and Self-Doubt When Starting a TikTok

Fighting Fear and Self-Doubt When Starting a TikTok

So many things to do, so little time and no idea where to start?

Starting a Tik-Tok profile can be a nerve-racking challenge, especially if you haven’t really got a picture of what exactly to do.

Added with the constant stream of new short form videos from other creators, it can start to feel like a steep mountain to climb.

At some point, you may have heard about how social media can increase self-doubt in its users. People believe how good the lives of others appear on social media – and start to feel bad for themselves.

This is especially true for all the generations after the millennials, who were the last generation to live without the now – ubiquitous cellphone.

But despite the picture perfect skin, rainbows and glitter – behind the camera, people live very real lives, that are not really camera ready all the time.

What is Self-Doubt?

Self-doubt is when a person experiences feelings of inadequacy in themselves and their capabilities, and thus prevent themselves from evolving in that capacity.

Self-doubt can emerge in many stages of life, and is apart of a natural thought process. It’s critical thinking in action – maybe a situation won’t work well because, you believe you may not perform well.

But self-doubt can prevent you from even trying, and that’s when it becomes a limiting belief.

Recognizing Self-Doubt

Because this type of belief is not readily apparent, as it is an internal issue, it may go unnoticed for a long time.

Self-doubt is a result of many different circumstances in life and most likely related to early child-hood criticism.

As children, we hold no limiting beliefs, and start to develop a self image based on our environment, family, and friends.

As a child you probably thought about what you wanted to be when you grew up, maybe you wanted to be a singer or a doctor, and now if you ask yourself that question – there would certainly be some kind of self limiting Justification.

Recognizing self doubt starts with realizing that the only thing holding you back from what you want to do is your own beliefs.

Actionable Step: Write down what you want to do and then write down the supportive thoughts. Recognize the moments you have when your thoughts of self-doubt kick in and remember you are in control of your destiny.

Fighting your Fears

Getting started on a new project, such as a TikTok channel can stir-up many emotions such as excitement from the creative ideas to a subsequent anxiety from over thinking.

The best way to prepare for a long term commitment to creating content for social media would be with very thorough planning.

This way you can start to reduce the amount of uncertainty, and potential for fear based decision making. Planning will also help focus the creative energy productively.

As many other content creators have recommended, you can start planning on a serious note with a content creation planner.

A content creation planner has been the go-to action item for many social media creators and influencers. Jotting down your next video ideas, or marketing strategies will help bring your vision to life and not to mention, reduce the fear in producing.

Starting your TikTok

One of the biggest platforms for discovery right now is TikTok!

The TikTok algorithm is prime for distribution of user generated content, that means you have the power to make videos that can reach wide audiences.

After you’ve planned your way through the self doubt and fear by meticulously plotting your short form video content strategy – now you can start producing.

Producing video for the web is going to take some practice and it is recommended that you do at least 10 takes on one skit. Doing a few takes will help you eventually brake out of the camera jitters stage and move to the move natural flow stage.

You Will start to notice how much more naturally it becomes to produce video content. The idea is that eventually you want to get to the level where you are producing as much content as you are potentially consuming.

Really it depends on your goals, are you sharing your video content because you just like to share funny clips? Are you sharing your content because you want to have a bigger audience to capitalize on? Are you promoting a business?

Your end goals may vary, but one thing is certain. If you’re going to be posting on TikTok you’ll have to get past the self doubt and fear to successfully – always be publishing.

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