6 Tips to Taking Beautiful Pictures for Social Media

The truth is that taking beautiful pictures really just depends on the eye of the beholder.

But there are many rules to composition that should be observed when you’re photographing your scene, subject, or self. 📸

Photography is in a creative art form and people have the creative flexibility to make of it what they will.

There are several rules of composition Photographer is over for two and these are good guidelines for a Novus Photographer or just somebody with a smart camera to take into account when photographing to create the best photos for your social media accounts

There is:

centering somebody in a frame

the rule of thirds


Prop use



this is just related to taking the photo and not the actual post editing process which can be far more complicated and that are reserved for a experienced photographer.

If you’re gonna wanna get started on taking beautiful photos for your social media profile or your website you’re definitely gonna want to take into consideration all of the elements that have been mentioned above even taking a simple photography course can help but best method for learning is through trial and error eventually you’ll start seeing results when you practice photographing your subject more often.

For example if you are in the fit food photography niche you will definitely need to consider setting up your environment so that you have optimal lighting good prop positioning and just overall ideal composition.

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